Absinthe Films is one of the longest standing snowboard film production companies in existence and their annual Sphere of Influence Tour is just as prolific. Snowboard on the Block Festival is excited to announce that the 2014 festival will host one of the stops for this year's Sphere of Influence Tour. The tour is Absinthe Films' chance to travel the world and host premieres of their newest snowboard films, the Sphere of Influence tour is quickly becoming a snowboard tradition.

(UPDATE: First teaser has been released) While information regarding Absinthe Films' 2014 snowboard film, Heavy Mental, is still shrouded in mystery, the crew's track record indicates the film will showcase top-tier snowboarding from some of today's best professional snowboarders. Heavy Mental will feature Victor De La Rue, Austen Sweetin, Bode Merrill, Jason Robinson, Mat Schaer, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Manuel Diaz, Victor Daviet, Johnnie Paxson, RDM, Blair Habenicht, Scot Brown, Ozzy Henning, Rusty Ockenden, Nils Arvidsson, Mathieu Crepel, Sylvain Bourbousson Absinthe is notorious for their incredible backcountry lines and ridiculous street spots, making for extremely creative and diverse riding. To top it all off, Absinthe's leader, Justin Hostynek, has a creative vision and passion that is unrivaled in the industry.