Epiphanies. Snowboarding is full of them, whether it is the realization that a new trick is entirely possible or that decision to ditch your 9-5 job to explore the backcountry with your closest friends, it all boils down to that soul-feeding act of living life moment-to-moment without any trace of regret. We’re snowboarders, that's what it is all about: making memories. And while the rest of the world may may think we're crazy, we’d like to think someone like Sailor Jerry could relate. That's why Snowboard on the Block and Sailor Jerry Rum are teaming up to give FREE TATTOOS at Snowboard on the Block Festival.

Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins has gone down in history as the father of old-school tattooing, his unprecedented craftsmanship established some of the industry’s most cherished design classics to date. A nomadic soul with a constant hunger for adventure, Collins was hopping freight trains and hand-poking ink tattoos across the US in the latter part of his adolescence. He took on his sailor persona after enrolling in Chicago’s Great Lakes Naval Academy at the ripe age of 19, developing a unique passion for Asiatic culture and design during his far-eastern travels overseas. Combining both American and Asian tradition into his work, Collins made his mark in the tattoo world after settling in what was considered the remote island of Oahu, Hawaii in the late 1920s. Here he perfected his craft for over 40 years on contained soldiers and sailors celebrating 48-hour shore leaves towards the end of WWI.

Known for his tough shell, sharp wit and undying sense of wanderlust, Sailor Jerry exemplifies a freebird spirit true to snowboarders across the globe—reason enough for Snowboard on the Block to honor this legendary man and those part of the snowboarding community with free tattoos by Sailor Jerry’s artists at this year’s festival for any sober person over the age of 21. Our love for snowboarding culture is permanent, and we couldn’t think of a more badass way to show our appreciation for those who share that same love.

With the festival quickly approaching and an unlimited amount of tattoo designs to choose from, let the brainstorming process commence.