Not only does Snowboard on the Block showcase snowboard films from world renowned production crews like Absinthe, the festival also features snowboard films from local favorites like Never Summer, Tyme and Co., Will Film for Food, and more.

If you've never heard of Tyme and Co., check out their video from last year Smoke Signals to see what you can expect from their upcoming flick Halladangus. The video will feature some of Colorado's best snowboarders, including Josh Bishop, Zach Rawles, Kyle Hay, Max Bigley, Josh Boeser, Chris Sypert, Dillon Smidt, Austin Julik-Heine, Dylan Alito, and friends.

Will Film for Food has a very worldly approach to snowboarding, but we can be proud to say they are based right here in Colorado. Hailing from Aspen, the Hooper brothers, Zach and Aaron, have been traveling the world and making snowboard videos along the way for years. You can catch their newest film, Soul Food, at Snowboard on the Block Festival.

What would a Colorado snowboard festival be without the presence of Never Summer? The Colorado company has supported snowboarding since 1983 and every year they release a film to help celebrate a successful season. This year Never Summer brings us Dang Bud, keep an eye out for parts from Colorado locals like Nick Larson and Jacob Carey.

Other local films from Aunti. Films, CandyGrind, UKC and Buck 90, and Skeptic Productions will also be played at Snowboard on the Block Festival. Support local snowboarding and show these crews some love!