Last year, the world premiere of Snowboarder's "Foreword" was one of the biggest hits at Snowboard on the Block in Denver, Colorado. That flick was the first movie from Snowboarder in years, but now they're already back at it with "SFD," which might have the best rider lineup yet. Check out the teaser above.

From Vimeo:

"SNOWBOARDER is back with another cinematic stunner for those shreds who scratch that itch watching flicks before heading out for a ride. This year the crew is all-time and the action is insane. Featuring Jake Welch, Iikka Backstrom, Blake Paul, Jake Blauvelt, Lucas Magoon, Hans Mindnich, Bryan Fox, Nils Mindnich, Scott Blum, Mark Sollars, Dustin Craven, Ethan Diess, Jake OE, Curtis Ciszek and Forest Bailey."