With a day as jam-packed as Snowboard on the Block 2015, we understand the importance of comfort and luxury. We also understand your burning desire to stand out from the rest of the crowd, which is why we have provided the best tools to help you do so in this year’s VIP package. What screams “Very Important Person” louder than a separate entrance to the festival grounds, separate bar and chill area? How about a limited edition bag from Dakine, t-shirt and one-of-a-kind gifts from our sponsors? Still not convinced? We got perks for days. When we get down to brass tax, the ratio of low price to high perks is too good to pass up. You could have all of these things and more for only $50, just $25 more than the general $25 price. We trust you’ll make the right decision.

Your VIP ticket Includes:

- DAKINE 365 Backpack
- Skullcandy INK'D earbuds with microphone and remote
- Limited Edition Block Festival T-shirt
- Separate VIP entrance to the festival grounds
- Dedicated VIP bar access
- Gifts from our sponsors
- Complimentary 1 year digital subscription to SNOWBOARDER MAGAZINE
- Complimentary 1 year digital subscription to TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING