Videograss has announced the world premiere of their newest film, Mayday, will be at this year's Snowboard on the Block Festival in Downtown Denver on September 13th, 2014. Mayday marks the 6th full-length release from the crew that took the snowboard world by storm with their skate-influenced style, urban adventuring and entertaining antics. Mayday will feature Chris Grenier, Chris Bradshaw, Danimals, Danny Larsen, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Jake Kuzyk, Jake Olson-Elm, Joe Sexton, Jonah Owen, Justin Bennee, Justin Fronius, Nick Dirks, Zac Marben and more.

In addition to the world premiere of Mayday, Snowboard on the Block will also feature the world premiere of Homage, the newest film from the Keep the Change crew, which is also produced by Videograss. Keep the Change has quickly become known as the next big thing in snowboarding by showcases some of the best up and coming riders in their own unique way. Homage will feature riding from Mark Wilson, Tommy Gesme, Derrek Lever, Johnny Brady, Ian Boll, Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, and friends. The combination of these two world premieres will ensure an amazing line up of snowboard film premieres at this year's Snowboard on the Block Festival!