Wolfmother is a hard rock band from Sydney, Australia who formed in 2004. Led and fronted by lead singer and guitarist, Andrew Stockdale, the band has released three studio albums since their debut in 2005.

Bringing the most majestic of riffs wherever they go, Wolfmother rocks like it’s eternally 1973 and the eighties never happened. They do so with absolute conviction as well, which is strange because the original trio that made up the band only met at the turn of the 21st century. Lead singer, Andrew Stockdale, bassist, Chris Ross, and drummer, Myles Heskett, formed Wolfmother properly in 2004 after a couple years of aimless jamming. Their first demo recordings netted them a record deal with Modular Recordings and a batch of national tour dates soon followed. The trio realized they had something special on their hands when their self-titled debut E.P. charted at number 35 on the Australian album charts in its first week of release.

In fact, the band was so sure of themselves after finishing their first six months of hardcore touring (or “Chonging” in the bands parlance), that they relocated to Los Angeles to record their debut effort with David Sardy. Sardy had previously worked with the likes of Oasis, Slayer, and their countrymen Jet. And, as it would happen, whatever good luck charm Sardy gave the previously mentioned bands definitely made its mark on Wolfmother as well. Their self-titled debut album was released in October 2005, peaked at number three on the ARIA Album’s Chart, and stayed there for two years. It went platinum five times in the process.

For a period of time, Wolfmother was far and away the biggest new band in Australia. By 2006 their appeal started to spread across the globe. They played in festivals such as Download, Lollapalooza, Fuji Rock, Reading and Leeds among many, many others. As their fame grew, Stockdale began to take complete creative control of the band. Ross and Heskett left as a result and it was another three years before the second album would take shape. 2009 saw the release of “Cosmic Egg” a record that didn’t match its predecessor for impact but was rapturously received by fans, who propelled it into the number three spot of the ARIA Charts and into the top 20 of the Billboard 200.

The band is beloved by fans for their face melting riffs and spectacular live shows. The band has effectively become Stockdale’s solo project and he does it better than just about anyone else in the world right now. With a third album out in the form of 2014’s “New Crown” very little seems able to stand in the band’s way and for that reason, Wolfmother comes highly recommended.